Project Description
Inactive project: however it has invaluable information for the PRISM community (many blog links from and to this project as well as technical information in wiki).

Reactivated at developer request (I had removed it)

TIP If you are here to get source as a result of a blog entry look at the date of the blog and download the source code that is on, or just after that date, to ensure the code you are searching for is available. This Source Code base reflects the advancement of technology; it seems as soon as I got something under my belt and started development - something new came out causing me to scrap what I had done and start over (or risk developing an infrastructure that would be obsolete before it was completed).

The vision statement for this project was to "utilize the most advanced features of .NET to build a Solution Development Management System based on the Microsoft Solution Framework". The primary objective was not so much to build the system as it was to tackle Enterprise application development issues while staying on the bleeding edge. This project has evolved through CAB, Smart Client Software Factory and now PRISM. With Agile replacing the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) this project now becomes obsolete.

This project (solely) serves as a reference for numerous blog entries on

NOTE: A new (and improved) version of this framework is available at

Technologies used
  • Visual Studio 2010 beta 2
  • C# 4.0
  • PRISM (Oct 2009)
  • Unity 2.0 (source download as 1.2 is the latest release)
  • Silverlight 3
  • WCF

2011.02.19 - Cleaned up my server folders; if I inadvertantly deleted material referenced by any of the following links please let me know so that I can restore it - thank you. (email:

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